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We just can't begin to explain how much we love Apollo (quincy). He is just simply amazing, so much fun, loving, smart, beautiful, and playful. My family can not thank u guys enough for what u do. We def will keep in touch and can't wait for ur next litter to arrive. Once again thank u guys so much we greatly appreciate it and u will forever hold a place in our hearts .:),, Love always, the Bailey family

... We were very impressed with the attention you gave to the transition of
ownership. All the information you provided in the binder you gave me was well
thought out and extremely helpful to a new owner. The toys, the leash and collar
and the tote bag you put everything in was very thoughtful. The blanket scented
with his mama and siblings was a very nice touch. You should be commended for
such attention to detail and consideration for the animals you place with new
owners. I would certainly recommend you to anyone seriously interested in
a Dane.
Thanks for everything. Your kindness was appreciated.
Regards, charles ...

Brody went to the vets today and weighed in at a hefty 25.5 lbs. Our veterinarian Dr. Bomer raises 3 danes herself, and said that Brody is a very healthy pup, and is going to be about 145-160lbs judging from his size at a young age and based on  his parents profiles. She read through the folder you guys sent and said that you guys should pat yourselves on the back for your indepth concern to have and breed healthy danes. Brody did not get any shots today because he had just received shots prior to his arrival here and has to wait 3 weeks from the 19th to receive his next set. We did get and give him his first heartworm chewy pill today. So far so good. He is such a joy to have in our home and funny to watch play. We did receive the other package(Thank you). We will keep you posted on his progress and send pictures as he grows and develops. Thank you soooooooo much!!!!

Hi Amanda! I was writing to tell you how much we love our now 15 month old Dane, Semi. I am sending you our new Christmas card; what a difference from a year ago. About a 100 pound difference! Semi is now 135 lbs., and still acts and thinks like a puppy. He drives his sister, Mary, crazy, but they love each other. I will e-mail you pictures of his growth throughout this past year. Thank you for our addition to our family. We can't imagine life without this monster,as we call him, taking up all the room on the couch, sneaking in to bed w/ us(he thinks we don't know), and making us laugh everyday just by watching him sleep(usually on his back w/ his legs spread out, or on our lap). I can't wait to get another Dane, but we'll need more room first. We also did have his ears cropped the first week we had him, got him neutered, and he had a gastroplexy to be on the safe side. He is in a loving home, and we have you to thank for our beautiful baby! Love, Ian and Dennell

Hi Amanda

I wanted to send you an updated pic of Diesel he is almost 11 months old just a few days away, then come Sept. and he will be a year....he is already 150lbs and just keeps growing! We love him so much Diesel and our German Sheperd Sieger love to play with eachother they are great brothers and protect each other! I love to be able to watch Sieger just run right under Diesel's legs without even ducking one bit! Diesel is a 'huge' part of our family we don't know what we would do without him! He loves to be a punk sometimes but he is worth it when he thinks he is a lap dog and sits right in your lap! Thanks again for a great Great Dane, I am so happy I found you guys! Hope to hear from you soon and I will send more pics soon!

Jeni V.

Hello ladies, we are the ........... Family that met you for dinner at Myrtle beach and bought Diesel (AKA Bruno) just wanted to let you know he is doing great, he is by far the best dane we have ever had. He weighs around 140 lbs. at 10 1/2 months but he thinks he is a lap dog, he sits, lays, and shakes for a treat. anyway I could go on and on, we thank the lord we found your puppies, thanks again Jeff

just thought i'd send you a pic of one of your old pups.......he'll be turning 10 months old april 5th......YAY!!! he's a Big brat but i love him so much.....he's been my buddy and protector while my husband has been away......he's great!!when he's not chewing up all my shoes.....window ledges....toilet paper.....haha.....he's bigger than me and knows it.....:)i just wanted to thank you for him....he's a blessing.....when ppl ask me & my husband about our kids we say we have one....and his name is chevy......haha ppl look at us like were crazy!!!

Lynda, I thought you might like to see Mollie and how she is doing. She went to the vet last week for a check up and she weighs 105lbs. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to you and your family for the great gift you have given us. I am at work right now but when I get home I will send you more pics of her growing so you can see her different stages. I hope you are all doing well, Talk to you soon, Ambre

Hi Amanda!!
I hope all is well with you and yours. Parker is doing beautifully and growing like a weed - he's just shy of 70 pounds and has no problem keeping pace with our girl. :0)
He's going to start formalized training tomorrow, working towards "Canine Good Citizen" - and after he turns a year old, I hope to have him certified as a Therapy Dog. The trainer who is going to be working with us asked me if I would consider "showing" him as well, she thinks he has potential in that area.

I have to admit - even after owning Danes myself for the past five years and being around them for a good part of my life, I had never even considered showing/breeding - or even being as involved in Dane issues or groups before Parker. He literally changed everything. I know that he is only one dog out of many you have produced and I am most likely biased, but I've got to tell you, just from the feedback I've gotten from people about him, you are producing spectacular dogs!! (Not that the other two are slouches, but there is something about him...)
take care,

Hi Amanda! Very nice to hear from you as well! I hope you and yours are all fine and staying well with these crazy weather changes we've been getting... Pretty Girl is growing tall and beautiful. She was very easy to house break thank goodness - she even rings a bell hanging from the door when she needs to go out, so I must say that I'm proud of us Both for that! Then when she is outside she is quite content to stay in her own yard with the electronic fence. So, so far so good with the fence...we shall see. She's also doing well with the cat. So, she has become a blessing to our house. And you know, I didn't realize when I first got her, and she was small, that I would feel more secure at night in the house with her there... We had a little dog before her, so it is new for us to have a guardian with her big huge bark! It's a good feeling, I think my kids feel it too. I've got her on the Eagle Pack and her coat is really glossy. You should see she's grown to have this long elegant neck, with the white stripe from her chin to her chest that really sets it off. (which is why she's "Pretty Girl" to us) But I think another dog would make her happy - even though she's a "people dog" I'm thinking she should have another dog to rip and run with. So is it Polska that is expecting?? I'm hoping that is the case because she is my favorite of your dogs. (although I'm sure if I met Yalina I would be impressed too) May would be an Ideal time for me, too. I don't think the timing could work any better... So are you still taking deposits? Or is the litter already reserved? Pls let me know when you get a chance. My daughter said she saw you at the beach the other day! We take Pretty Girl there for a run every so often. The surf fishers seem to be a pretty dog-friendly crowd in the wintertime - lots of dogs there, we just have to stay on a leash though. Please let me know if you group ever goes there. (Actually please let me know when your group plans on getting together next! I would love, love, love to stop by.)

Mrs. Grantom,

I was wondering when you would have another litter of puppies available. My husband and I bought a female from you in January and we would LOVE to have another one! Our female is doing wonderful and we love her dearly. She is absolutely the best pet we have ever had, especially when it comes to our children! I would like to find a male for my husband for Christmas, and I mentioned to you in January that if we decided to get another one then we would like to buy from you. We are not interested in breeding, our female is spayed. I would love to have a full or half brother to our girl. If I remember correctly her parents were Xena and General. If you would please let me know if and when you may have some pups available?

Thank you so much!

Maggie T.


I'm sorry I have been so late with returning your email I'm sure you have been really worried about Zeus! He is the best dog in the whole wide world he is such a little doll baby he has such an awesome personality all his own.  He is like a baby he will whine until you pick him up and talks constantly especially when he has to go to the bathroom (most of the time) there are still some accidents but I'm so happy with him we couldn't have picked a better dog.  He loves to sleep snuggled up to me and when I take him on car rides he has to be in my lap and will quickly fall asleep just like a little kid! When he is playful he bounces around and has a good old time.  We have discovered that he loves to put his paws all the way in his water and food dish or he will sit and just eat he is such a cutie pie!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!  We did discover however that he HATES baths and yelps like we are killing him when I gently pour water on him to rinse him off! I felt so bad but he snuggled up to me in the towel I used to dry him in it was the cutest thing I will send you some pictures as soon as I get a chance!  Also some reason he has a love for bananas and goes crazy to get to you if you have one, or if he smells pizza but we have kept all people food away from him because we don't want him to get used to begging.  I'm so happy with him I just cant thank you enough for letting me bring this little angel (soon to be huge angel) into my life if I could I would spend every second of the day with him he is such a good dog and he is so smart already I cant tell you how much he has changed my life in just these short few days!!!
Liz and Matt ( the worlds happiest parents ever!)

hi amanda... i thought i'd give you an update on moe....she is doing great she is 70 pounds. she is sooo thick and she is very smart....we recently rescued a female dane she was 5 months old and the guy kept her in a small cage in his basement....when we got her she couldn't walk , you could count all her ribs, she was covered in sores from the metal cage. and she was very very shy around people.....its only been a month and she piced up allot of weight and she loves everyone still a little shy at times with new people but she'll come around. her and moe are only 1 week apart in age. we named her legs because she didn't know what to do with them. we also got a male he is the little guy . he is 4 months old now and very mouthy, but i guess he has to be with two big women chasing him loves her new play buddies...and our house sounds like a herd of we love them....and i have 5 more weeks left until the baby comes...i am probebly going to go crazy with a newborn and 3 elephants in the have not sat on our couch or loveseat for a month and herman take the couch and legs gets the love seat.....they pretty much took over the living room...and now when they hear the microwave beeping ..they are standing in front of it before you even get there..well ill talk to you later jessica.


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