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Please Note: Every effort has been made to insure that your puppy is in excellent health. We offer life time advice to anybody that adopts one of our puppies. We are only a phone call or an e-mail away.

We provide a health guarantee for two reasons. First of all, we want everyone who purchases a puppy from us to be completely satisfied with their new family member. Secondly, the guarantee allows us to have feedback on the quality of puppies we are producing. We strive to produce puppies that will be an excellent example of this fine breed.

We guarantee the above named puppy to be healthy at the time of sale. The buyer is required to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within four days of purchase. The results of this check-up must be received by the breeder within 14 days of purchase, or any and all health guarantees become void.

This puppy is guaranteed for one (1) year against fatal and life altering congenital disease which adversely affect the health of the animal. This guarantee includes severe hip dysplasia. If the dog dies of congenital disease within one (1) year of purchase, the breeder will replace the puppy, or allow full credit of the purchase price toward the purchase of a new puppy from a different line. Replacement, when available will be given provided the terms of this agreement were followed and a signed certificate from 2 veterinarians showing an explanation of cause of death has been provided to the breeder. If the said puppy dies suddenly within this time frame, the Buyer will pay to have an Autopsy/Necroscopy done to find the cause of death.  Seller will not provide a cash refund.
The Breeder/Seller does not guarantee: against skin problems such as puppy acne or demodectic mange. This guarantee does not cover cherry eyes as these are common in Great Danes. In order for OCD, HOD or Pano to be covered MDDanes will need to see proof of an approved Nutritional Dog food has been given to the said puppy. A list of approved foods will be provided in the puppy packet.  I would advise you to save all dog food receipts for the duration of this contract. OCD, HOD and Pano are common nutritional deficiencies.
It is understood that breeder will not refund cash but will provide a replacement puppy the same or a different line of similar aged puppy (buyer will cover any delivery charges).

All appropriate shots for the puppy’s age have been given, and a record of this vaccination history is supplied. The buyer agrees to maintain the dog’s health in good condition, and provide yearly exams, vaccinations, heartworm test, and any other procedures necessary to assure good health.


Purchaser agrees to take good care of the puppy. Dog/Puppy will not be chained outside, and must be kept in the house.

If for any reason during the life of the dog, the dog can’t be kept by the owner, the buyer must notify the breeder so that a new owner can be approved. Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase of this puppy. Buyer will not sell this puppy or its progeny to any agent or pet store. If Buyer breaches any of the portions of this agreement, the Seller is released from any obligations under this agreement, and the Breeder will have the right to repossess puppy/dog through appropriate court action.

The puppy should be given a premium feed appropriate for Great Danes. A list of approved foods will be given to the buyer. Adequate housing is also needed to maintain the puppy’s optimum health.

This guarantee is non-transferable to future owners of the dog without the breeders (written) consent.

All Pet/Companion puppies (limited registration) must be spayed/neutered by the age of 10 months. If puppy has not been spayed/neutered by the age of 10 months all warrantees and guarantees are void.

If Full Registration has been approved, The Buyer shall not allow the puppy to sire or whelp a litter of puppies until the age of 2 years old and all appropriate health testing has been completed.

Buyer agrees that upon purchase that puppy will be registered with MD’s prefix. (Ex: MD’s Running Hope). This is to identify puppies from my litters in future pedigrees.

There will not be any oral changes made to this contract. Only written change from MDDanes, LLC will be honored.

In the event that the MDDanes, LLC, learns that the Buyer has violated the terms of this agreement or that the Buyers actions violate AKC rules, than MDDanes, LLC will take appropriate legal action including but not limited to, seeking injunction and/or contracted relief via court of appropriate jurisdiction.   

Both parties recognize Onslow County, NC as place where this agreement was entered into and acknowledge the courts of jurisdiction for this agreement.


Printable Copy of Contract/Guarantee


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