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Today is one of your Baby's 11th Birthday. He is doing well and still acts like a puppy, just a little slower.  He has been the greatest dog I have ever had the pleasure of being best buddies with.  Looking forward to hopefully many more years with him.

Thank You for sharing him with me.....



Here's your Grandson, Bauer, son of Lady Gogku and General P

Celebrated his 10th Birthday Saturday.

Thank You for this Great Pup....



yates yates

This is Clyde (Yates Y litter)


This is Ziggy, Z Litter.


This is Dash (Yikes Y - litter)

Dash is 6 months old today!! He is doing amazing he is so loving and attached especially to our 2 yr old. The vet said he has an amazing disposition and they love him there!! We adore him even though most of us lost a spot on the couch Bc he is 75 lbs already!!


This is Sully (Waffle W-litter)

Sully is loving life here In Huntersville! He is the sweetest most lovable and laid back dog I have ever met. I have had SO many people say amazing things about his look and temperament- everyone is very impressed with his temperament - even the vet! The vet is very impressed with him, says he is the best looking and mannered Dane he has ever worked with (even over our last Dane!) he is also using Sully's puppy/first visit picture on some marketing materials - Sully is even the cover photo on their Facebook page! Check it out if you are on fb- it is Birkdale animal hospital. Sully is very smart- has picked up leash training, sit, stay, down immediately. He socializes very well with other dogs and people. Potty training is a little slower with him for some reason but getting there. Thank you again (you will hear this a lot from me) I think we needed him as badly as he needed us.

thunder and PrimaThunder and Prima

This is Thunder(Valentino V-litter) with big sister Prima (Unicorn U-litter)

Thunder is doing great and settling in perfectly. He loves his sister Prima and follows her everywhere :) they love to cuddle, and play together. Thunder has a great strong personality. He is growing up so fast already knows how to sit, lay, and how to say hi with his one paw!! He is really such a smart good boy but so loving at the same time. He loves giving kisses. We just love them both so much. thank you so much!


This is Wilson (Umpire - U litter)

Wilson is now almost 1 and he is a gorgeous boy. 160 lbs. of lap dog


This is Shelby (Shelby S - Litter)


This is UConn (UConn U Litter)


This is O'Malley (Q-Bert Q Litter)


This is Baily (Ursula - U Litter) with Delilah


This is Khali (Quicky - Q Litter)


This is Sam - S Litter


Zena and Chloe (Tara and Tulip - T Litter)

Srug & Atlas

These are Shrug and Atlas (Fila and Frasier F-Litter)


This is Juno (Timmy T-Litter)


Rocky/SOA is such an addition to our family. I attribute that to the raising that your dogs get. He is so good with children. My 3 year old granddaughter absolutely loves him and we have no trepidations with her being around him. He is extremely playful but that is expected with any puppy, much less an 85 lb puppy. Hope all is well with your family and we look forward to seeing some new puppies on your website. Barb

This is Rocky (SOA S-Litter)


This is Lady Delilah (Truly -T Litter)


This is Capone (Mojo - M Litter)


Gus is growing into such a sweet guy. He is so careful with our two daughters who are 3 and 4 now. We sure do love our goofy Gus. Thanks for all you guys do to ensure such great dogs

Gus The Aviator (Klovis - K Litter)


This is Trident (Neptune - N Litter) 1 year old

Maddie and Lexi

We wanted to send you a picture of our girls. They are best buddies and very happy!!!!!
Maddie (Irena I litter) on the left and Lexi (K'moore K litter) on the right.

Zuppa and Lakotazuppa
Lakota (Pudge - P Litter) and Zuppa (Jasmin - J Litter), Zuppa



Dutchess (Ophelia O-Litter)


This is Kimber (Olivia - O Litter)


This is Sherk (Nitro - N Litter)

Rocky & BoRockyBo

These are Rocky and Bo (Niegel and Notradomus - N Litter)


This is Zeus (Freddie - F litter)


This is Brody (Iggy - I Litter)
Our Brody is a healthy 140lbs now. He is such a joy to have in our lives and loves when we have a house full of teenagers for him to visit and play with. We can not thank you enough for our Brody.
    The Dedenbach Family

toulla toulla

This is Toulla (Kuttie K - Litter)


This is Melody (Laverna L-Litter) with Jam


This is Aires (Harvey H - Litter)

lucja and harvey

This is Lucja (L-Litter), and Harvey Quinn (N-Litter) in 2010 X-Mass Parade


This is Mojo (Kumar K-Litter)


I thought you would get a kick out of Zuppa in her costume this year.  I have to say, it is a tribute to the wonderful temperament you have bred into your pups!
 Oh, incase you could not tell, she was a horse.
   Fondly,  Joan and Zuppa


I thought you might like a recent photo of Zuppa. She is a beautiful 144 pound 34" full grown dane now. We love her so much. She has turned out to be more than I ever hoped for. Thank you again for her!

This is Zuppa (Jasmin J-Litter)


  Well, 8 years ago today my baby was born.  Thank you so much!  She has been and still is the best dog ever!  She is in perfect health and my vet promised me that he would work with me to get her to the ripe old age of 14!  We laugh and pray a lot about that one.  She is absolutely the best dog.  Loving and protective, smart and silly.  The vet LOVES her.  He spends most of our appointments just staring at her and petting her and loving her.  I have attached a photo of her this morning, on her 8th birthday.  Yay!

Thank you again for the best dog ever!



This is Tonka (Issiah I-Litter)


This is Rio (Karol K-Litter)


This is Phoeix (Jake J-Litter)


This is Tiny (Lucky L-Litter)
Tiny has become quite a good companion. I look forward to many years with him as part of my family. Thank you again for such a wonderful animal.
Regards, Charles Watson


This is Nala (Jewel J-Litter)


This is Iggy (Brody B-Litter)


Anabella (80-lbs) ( Master & Polska Spt 2008 litter), with her sister Haley (41-lbs) (Master & Lulu Nov 2008 litter) with Sonya and David from Mississippi


This is Zeus (Forest from Polska Ruza and Master Litter ) with Maggie

Diesel and JeniDiesel

This is Diesel (Xena and General Pulaski litter) wilth Jeni

This is Dismal Polska Ruza and General Pulaski litter.

This is Diezel (Bruno from General and Polska Ruza Litter) with Crosby Family.


This is Chevy from General Pulaski and Polska Ruza Litter


This is Mollie (Bara from General Pulaski and Polska Ruza Litter)


This is Lilly (Emma from General Pulaski and Lady Goku Litter) with her big sister.


This is Chewy (Huj from General Pulaski and Ela litter)


This is Oaklie (Doogie from Xena and General Pulaski litter)


This is Kylie (Front) with brother Gunner (Peewee from Polska Ruza and General Pulasi litter 2006)


This is Sulton (Bo from Lady Goku and General litter Mar 2007)

maggiemoomaggie moo

This is Maggie Moo from Polska Ruza and General Pulaski litter Oct 2006 with Moore family in Mebane, NC.


This is Bauer (R) with Burban (L)

jade2 yrs old

This is Jayde (Lady Goku and General Pulaski litter Nov 2007) with Melindas family in PA.


This is Bella (Bronzowa from Polska Ruza and General Pulaski litter June 2007)


This is Marley (Chopin from Lady Ela and General Pulaski litter Aug 2007) with his Sturtevant family in SC.

Xander and Zeus at the beachXander

This is Zeus and Xander (from Lady Goku and General Pulaski litters ) with Elizabeth and Matt.



This is Parker (Duncan from Xena and General Pulaski litter Sept 2007) with Jerry and Alicia family in Latham, NY.


This is Semi (Dan from Xena and General Pulasi litter Sept 2007) with his new sister Mary and the Ian and Dennell family from Norwalk, CT..


This is Claddagh (from Xena and General Pulasi litter Dec 2006) with Maggie and RJ from Willmington, NC.


This is Diezel (Xena and General Pulaski litter Dec 2006) with his Barentine family in Jacksonville, NC.


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